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4/26/13 - It's been quite a few years since an update was last made for XyZ, and mostly because I feel that most of the Xak content has mostly been completed save for the Bestiary section information being added, which would still take some time. Interestingly enough I've been contacted occasionally by new players entering into the world of Xak for the very first time and I feel that this site has surely served the purpose it was originally intended for over the years. As for the remaining sections, "Y" and "Z", I'm not sure sure I really need to dedicate the time to these two franchises anymore since well, how many Zelda sites can you count on a Google search! And for Ys, we now seem to be living in the Golden Age of the Ys Franchise and thanks tothe many players, publishers and instant download distribution services out there, Ys is starting to be something that people actually know about for once! A mainstream series being released in English. And there are less people calling it "Wise" too! I also feel that the treatment of these incredible series is also handled well enough these days that it no longer needs my "intended support". I plan to keep the site open long enough for me to one day convert all of the Xak series content into a new home at my new main domain "RETRO-TYPE.COM" once I have the site built for it. Also, I've been contacted to write up an article about the Xak series for Hardcore Gaming 101's website, so that's fun and I hope to have that finished by the end of this year. It'll be so thorough, that it might even contain new information not listed on this website even. And anothe update of note. I now own my first MSX machine, the Panasonic FS-A1GT turboR, so I can plan the Xak series for MSX on real hardware now and it plays very nice, especially on Xak II which uses the extra processing speed of the R800 running the game much faster than the original MSX2 version.

Oh yes, the actual update made to the site. A new addition to the FAQS and GUIDES section was added about a Dubug Mode being used with Super Latok Mode, enjoy!

9/14/07 - I began to improve the overall layout of the site and decided that against the idea of opening the webcomic for Super Adventure Hearts due to lack of time to work on it. I may one day decide to try and draw it up, color it and make an ongoing series out of it, but for now it'll have to be placed on the backburner indefinitely. In place of the link for that on the navbar I've made a direct link to what used to be the "Other Games of Interest" page that dealt with other Action-Adventure-Rpgs that fans of the genre might find interesting to browse and read about. I had a plan to touch that section up anyway and the way things were going and the more I thought about it, it seemed as though it deserved it's own section on the site.

9/13/07 - A small update to the Xak Music section. Fixed several download links, added the redbook audio page for Xak II-FM-Towns, added J-War's Xak II Remix and updated the Special Thanks and Credits section.

9/09/07 - Another very belated update! 0_o I recently started a Xak Series Retrospective video project for a Digital Media class I'm taking. It has a pretty decent music video for the Xak series and talks a bit about Ys, Zelda and action-rpgs in general as well. Unfortunately I kind of ran out of time for the project and was unable to finish the "actual documentary" part of it in time for the class critque, but I plan on going back and adding that first section in as I can find the time. The first documentary will be about the first Xak game, Xak: The Art of Visual Stage, it's many versions and incarnations as well as a brief history about the start of the series, the computers that ran in and some highlights about the first game. Enjoy!

2/29/07 - After a bit of correspondence with, I've been informed of their plans to release several of the other Xak series games going forward. After careful consideration, I've decided to remove all links to the Xak series roms and disk images indefinitely and become an affiliate with in order to promote the continued sales of their official releases of the Xak series games. This in turn also provides continued profit and support for the series developer, Microcabin.

2/28/07 - Aran just pointed out to me that now offers the first Xak series game, Xak:The Art of Visual Stage in English that can be purchased directly from their website. Now that this game has been officially published and licensed in English the download link for the English fan translated rom has been permanently removed. This is exciting news that the first title of the series has been picked up for an official translation which give hope that other Xak series titles will surely follow suite. Let's hope that one day European and American fans will have access to easily play official versions of these fine games.

2/1/07 - Xak III: The Eternal Recurrence Story has been finished in its entirety, including the events of the ending FMV cutscenes left untranslated in the English release of the game. Xak Collectibles page has been upated with a large amount of new found content. The Xak Series Bestiary Section index page has been set up to make way for more content scanned in from many of the older Xak related books and resources. More to follow as I try to finish up most of the Xak series content to prepare for work on the Ys Series sections. Also the main about XyZ was updated. Enjoy!

1/8/07 - First update of the New Year! A great deal of progress was made, especially with that of Xak III: The Eternal Recurrence. First off XyZ was relocated to Xak Characters section was updated with Xak III content, Xak Atlas section updated with completed Xak series world map and Fray In Magical Adventure Map. Xak: The Tower of Gazzel Story and most of the Xak III: The Eternal Recurrence Story sections have been uploaded.

11/15/06 - Xak Manga section updated. Pages 003 - 050 have been uploaded for download. Manga currently only in Japanese.


Hello and welcome to XyZ, a information fansite dealing with the Xak series, Ys series and Zelda series. Please feel free to browse, however most of the links are still under construction. The Xak series will take priority since it was this series that motivated me in creating this website. More information about XyZ's statement of purpose can be found in the "About the Site" section so feel free to check it out. Everything should be fairly self-explanitory thus far, with the exception of the future web comic SUPER Adventure Hearts, which is parody on adventure/rpg games and characters. It should be interesting when I get some more time to get the ball rolling on that project for now there will simply be a placeholder and some general information about it as I don't want to ruin the surprise before it's finished.

Please feel free to email me if you have comments or suggestions regarding this site or if you have content you would like to submit to the website.